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Cover 001- Bendyline by Nightmarecake4268 Cover 001- Bendyline :iconnightmarecake4268:Nightmarecake4268 5 0 My Little Pony- Fluttersing by Nightmarecake4268 My Little Pony- Fluttersing :iconnightmarecake4268:Nightmarecake4268 2 0 Cuphead- Tea Cake by Nightmarecake4268 Cuphead- Tea Cake :iconnightmarecake4268:Nightmarecake4268 1 0 BATIM- Lil' Blood Moon by Nightmarecake4268 BATIM- Lil' Blood Moon :iconnightmarecake4268:Nightmarecake4268 1 3 BATIM- Christina Lune by Nightmarecake4268 BATIM- Christina Lune :iconnightmarecake4268:Nightmarecake4268 0 0
Professor Hattington and the lost voice| 005
    "Professor! Please, I don't wanna do this!!" Blam screamed, clinging surprisingly tight on Hattington's leg, shaking like a tumble dryer.
    "I couldn't find an entrance, or it was destroyed before we arrived. Anyway, this is the only way to find Mugman!" Hatty said, looking down.
    Cuphead, who was next to Blam, just sighed as he then placed a hand on Blam's back. The boy looked at Cup who showed him a gentle smile.
    "We're almost there, don't be frightened. And if you are, you can lean on me if you want to." Cuphead said.
    Blam smiled, "thanks." the boy nodded, only for the tower to shake violently as more vines engulfed more of the lower floor of the tower. The impact of the quake made Blam's party hat fall of Blam and landed in Cuphead's head. The two stared at each other before letting out a gentle laugh.
    Soon, Professor Hattington reached the hole/entrance, he was already exhaust
:iconnightmarecake4268:Nightmarecake4268 2 3
Potion Misshap by Nightmarecake4268 Potion Misshap :iconnightmarecake4268:Nightmarecake4268 4 1
Professor Hattington and the lost voice| 004
    The skeletons were destroying everything, characters were forced to hide while the guards were trying to fight off the skeletons. As the fight got way worse, nobody noticed the Professor and Blam running out of Elder Kettle's house.
    "Go! Go! Go!" Skel whisper-yelled, "I'll catch up with you two later! But I have to make sure these idiots don't do anything they'll regret."
    "Good luck," Hatty said before picking up Blam and resumed running off.
    "Professor! I'm alright! I can run!!" Blam squirmed.
    "Against a giant skeleton army? I'm not taking any chances!" Hatty said.
    The Professor raced past skeletons, vegetation, guards and even the oddly shaped rock in the dirt, they found the path Glinda rode up before and the Professor stopped by the bush. He placed Blam down before waiting to catch his breath.
    "You alright, Professor? You look pale." Blam frowned.
    "I'm alright,
:iconnightmarecake4268:Nightmarecake4268 1 4
Professor Hattington| 003
   Glinda rode back, jumping off her horse, tossing her helmet into the corner as she reached the upstairs lab. Vinell was typing in data for a large machine with two large empty tanks, Mugman sat next to the machine with vines holding him down.
    "We need to hurry!" Glinda cried.
    Vinell and Mugman looked at her.
    "Why? I thought you went to check if those witnesses were as a good as dead." the male said.
    "Well, turns out they survived their pain! But the reason we're in hurry is that as I reached the Digital Cross-forest, I met the man they hired to investigate Mugman's kidnapping! He called himself Professor Hatty Hattington!" Glinda explained.
    Mugman gasped with a smile, "Professor! Cuphead did it! He found the genius who can help us!!"
    "Bah, what good is a so-called Hattington?" Vinell groaned.
    "He managed to discover out our... Er.
:iconnightmarecake4268:Nightmarecake4268 2 9
Cousins by Nightmarecake4268 Cousins :iconnightmarecake4268:Nightmarecake4268 3 1
Professor Hattington and the lost voice| 002
In the hospital, Bendy was perched on the counter, having his arm put into a cast and then a sling. The toon obviously glaring at the doctor as he was doing his job.
    "You better not chop me up, like your other patients!" the toon snarled.
    The green haired doctor just looked at Bendy with an unamused look.
    "I'll have you know, I went to Doctor college! I don't see you with a diploma for the job that saves a hundred lives a day!!" Dr. Schneeplestein said, giving Bendy a slap on the head with his checkboard, "I don't have a pretty voice like you, Mr. Drew, but I can assure you, if I wasn't a doctor with patients and smarts, I would've wished you in a grave more than six feet below lava!"
    "Okay! That's enough!" Blam cried, stopping the two arguing, the two looked at the boy with the party hat before they then straightened themselves out.
    "Sorry, but if you'll excuse me, Peter needs me and then I've got taxes to pay
:iconnightmarecake4268:Nightmarecake4268 2 1
Professor Hattington and the lost voice| 001
This is a comic I am making, so nobody steals this! If ya do, I'll report ya for stealing! Thank you.
    In the forest of Inkwell Isle, two brothers ran past chunky trees and wispy grass, brown shoes made soft thumping noises on the ground.
    "We're almost there, Cuphead." the blue brother smiled.
    The boys made their ways through the forest until they reached the clearing.
    The clearing contained a large wide span of green grass, plenty of sunshine! The boys went there almost every day to play, catch up or just to get away from life's troubles.
    But today, they were going there to check on a flower that they planted quite a while ago.
    "We made it!" Cuphead cheered, slightly panting from all that running, wanting to sit down on a rock for a bit.
    Mugman nodded, his smile brightening his face.
    "Now-- Oh no!!" the brother gasped, he rushed to the flowe
:iconnightmarecake4268:Nightmarecake4268 2 26
I feel so proud of meself! by Nightmarecake4268 I feel so proud of meself! :iconnightmarecake4268:Nightmarecake4268 1 1 Doki Doki Movie Club by Nightmarecake4268 Doki Doki Movie Club :iconnightmarecake4268:Nightmarecake4268 1 3 Fred X Jessica by Nightmarecake4268 Fred X Jessica :iconnightmarecake4268:Nightmarecake4268 2 0 Are you kidding me? by Nightmarecake4268
Mature content
Are you kidding me? :iconnightmarecake4268:Nightmarecake4268 0 0


Baldis Basics Adults (ignore broom man :C) by Doxile Baldis Basics Adults (ignore broom man :C) :icondoxile:Doxile 7 3 Playtime by joegirl404 Playtime :iconjoegirl404:joegirl404 20 0 Baldi Basics by alan8107 Baldi Basics :iconalan8107:alan8107 9 0 Baldi give spankK by snowflilly Baldi give spankK :iconsnowflilly:snowflilly 30 3 Just Baldi (Baldi's Basics) by AvrielJJ Just Baldi (Baldi's Basics) :iconavrieljj:AvrielJJ 50 11 Baldi Gender-bend by rubyschemicalfallout Baldi Gender-bend :iconrubyschemicalfallout:rubyschemicalfallout 2 5 I  GET ANGRIER FOR EVERY QUESTION YOU GET WRONG by UTShaqira56 I GET ANGRIER FOR EVERY QUESTION YOU GET WRONG :iconutshaqira56:UTShaqira56 9 0 Sketches by CirniDincat Sketches :iconcirnidincat:CirniDincat 12 4 Black Hole by CirniDincat Black Hole :iconcirnidincat:CirniDincat 6 4 PAINTED// FULL BODY // More Baldi's basics by CirniDincat PAINTED// FULL BODY // More Baldi's basics :iconcirnidincat:CirniDincat 51 31 SKETCHES// Baldi's basics by CirniDincat SKETCHES// Baldi's basics :iconcirnidincat:CirniDincat 62 9 no running in the halls by qpyd no running in the halls :iconqpyd:qpyd 120 7 Baldi's Basics  by DizuSketch Baldi's Basics :icondizusketch:DizuSketch 95 5 Eat it by KoffeeSpace Eat it :iconkoffeespace:KoffeeSpace 34 45 learning squad!!! by DF64 learning squad!!! :icondf64:DF64 25 1 Baldi the teacher by larisa203 Baldi the teacher :iconlarisa203:larisa203 11 0
~Hey, guys, you may not know this but I may have to not do the movie. Here's why!

My old laptop finally gave out, I got a new one "Acer" but I have a problem, it doesn't have movie maker. And I had like forty or more scenes. So, I have two options-

Cancel the project, which is something I really don't want to do as Bendy and the chocolate factory is one of my pride and joys but if I can't find any other ways of doing it, then I'll do it but if not then I can't.


Find other ways of making it. Some of my animation videos may be delayed as whenever I download music it suddenly unavailable to being played *the bitch!* and of course, the other things I download is shit. I tried getting the good old Movie Maker but it said "no longer available" like a pussy! So, if anybody from Acer or Windows is reading this, then bring back the old Movie Maker, your breaking everyone's hearts!! Maybe my school computers have Movie Maker?

But I just wanted to let you guys know so that I wouldn't get a load of comments saying "where's BATCF?" or "YOU BROKE YOUR PROMISE!!" okay?

Thanks. Cyan!~


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I'm Nightmarecake426 on my old laptop but here, I have a broken too, double u and ez button and I can't draugh like I did before.


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